We are proud to be aligned with organizations that directly contribute to the fight against cancer.
Whether you buy Suck It, Cancer merchandise here on our site, at a sporting event,
at your local hospital gift shop, or from one of our retail store partners,
a donation from every purchase is made to these great organizations.

Check out our partners and see how the donations from your purchases affect the future
and make a difference in the lives of those fighting the battle against cancer.



SHE 4Life ( is involved in numerous facets of the fight against cancer,
such as providing financial assistance to breast cancer patients and their families for:

     --- mammograms, prescription purchases, co-pays, insurance premiums
     --- transportation to medical appointments
     --- groceries, mortgage payments, utilities & other home bills

Cowgirls & Cocktails ( makes a direct impact in cancer patients' lives by providing funds for such necessities as:

     --- vouchers to help chemo patients obtain wigs and other headwear
     --- gas cards to help get to and from treatment appointments
     --- nutritious, home-delivered meals for cancer patients and their families